Albert Alabedra & Alba Marba - "Barcelona-New York" (2013)

Recorded The Honablue Institute | Engineers: Omari Edwards, Robert Honablue | Produced by Bob DiGiacomo | Arrangements by John Doing

  • Albert Alabedra (guitar)
  • Alba Marba (voice)
  • Melissa Aldana (sax)
  • Bob Digiacomo (bass)
  • Marta Sanchez (piano)
  • Xianix Barrera (palmas) 

The second release of Albert Alabedra in the US!  This session was great for me because I have been developing my hybrid drumset setup to use with this Flamenco band.  I have a kick, snare, hi-hat, ride, 2 djembes, a table of toys, and of course the cajón.  We recorded this as an instrumental album and sent it to Spain to see if we could get a few vocals on it..  Three days later, Alba had composed and recorded vocals for all four songs and we were on our way to finishing this great recording! 


Peter Wise - "Don't Walk Away" (2012)

Recorded at Moon Lab Studios in Brooklyn, NY | Engineered by Lane Banning | Mastered by Philip Klum

  • Peter Wise (guitar and voice)
  • Trevor Brown (bass) 
  • Renato Diz (piano/rhodes)
  • Danny Lipsitz (sax) 
  • John Doing (drums) 

Rubber Skunk - "Rubber Skunk" (2011)

Recorded at Rough Magic Studios in Brooklyn, NY | Recording Engineer: Alby Cohen | Mixed by Bob DiGiacomo and Rubber Skunk | Mastered by Joe DiMattia at Big Sky Audio, Springfield, PA. | Artwork by Laura Jasmine Green.

Rubber Skunk is funk.. rock.. and many things, but above all it is a real band, with real band practices, a real following, and super real songs.  I play percussion on a couple of tracks.. and at live shows whenever possible!  We have another album in the works..

Alberto el Mamífero - "Flamenco in New York" (2012)

Recorded at Catfish Studios, New York, NY | Recording Engineer: Grant Fisher | Cover Art by John Doing

I met Albert in 2011 when he was a Couchsurfer at my house (www.couchsurfing.org).  He taught me Bulerias, Tangos, and many other Flamenco styles.  We played a lot in parks as we tried to get Albert into the NYC music scene.  He now plays several nights/week and is totally making it in the city on gigs and teaching!  Go Albert!  We have since released a second CD.  This first release includes some fun percussion overdubs..

  • Albert Alabedra (guitar)
  • Bob DiGiacomo (bass)
  • Laura Andrea Leguía (sax)
  • John Doing (cajon, shakers, shekere, bongó madera, y palmas)

What Time, Where - self titled EP (2011)

Recorded at DNA Studios in Madison, WI | Recording Engineer: Mark Whitcomb

Composed by some of my best friends, Ben Sholl, David Stephan, and Carson Lawrence, there are 5 awesome rock tunes on this CD.  Carson's lyrics are super deep and the compositions really capture a period of time where great friends made great music.


Chilcano - "Madera Corazon" (2011)

Recorded at James Dolan studios at New York University | Recording engineer: Paul Geluso

Chilcano is an Afro-Peruvian ensemble directed by Gabriel Alegría.  The group started as an NYU ensemble, and quickly became a touring band.  We played every week for two years at Tutuma Social Club and toured in Peru.  Other gigs include Blue Note jazz club, Symphony Space, St. Peters "Jazz Church", and several radio and TV appearances in Peru.

  • Gabriel Alegría (trumpet)
  • Lauren Wood (bari sax)
  • Grant Fisher (guitar)
  • Aaron Prado (piano)
  • Antonio Vilchez (percussion)
  • Freddy "Huevito" Lobaton (percussion)
  • Alex Da Silva (bass)
  • John Doing (drumset)

The Big Payback - "Overture" (2011)

Recorded at Blast House Studios | Recording Engineer: Landon Arkens

The Big Payback is a big powerful band featuring a full horn section and vocalist.  We played at some festivals and weddings before I had to leave Madison.  Some great composing on this disc..  

Mandjou Mara - "Kikeh Mato" (2011)

Recorded at Blast House Studios in Madison, WI | Recording Engineer: Landon Arkens Produced by John Doing and Maya Kadakia | Album Art by Matt Manske

  • Mandjou Mara (voice, djembe)
  • Richard Hildner (guitar)
  • Ben Hoffmann (piano)
  • Matt Rogers (bass)
  • John Doing (drumset, shekere

Mandjou moved to Madison from Guinea, West Africa around 2008.  I had been studying djembe so I helped him get plugged into the scene, accompanying dance classes at the University and putting together a band to play his music.  We had no idea we were in for such a cool and funky experience - we learned the first batch of tunes from wonky cassette tapes from Africa, and then Mandjou just dictated tune after tune in rehearsal, all from his head..  You can listen in Studio Clips


Nelson Graham - "Sweet Memories" (2011)

Nelson is a great dude who plays guitar and sings and writes great songs.  He puts on these amazing annual productions of folk music in an art barn in Wisconsin (you can buy pottery and art stuff at this barn concert).  I performed some traditional Cuban music with tracks and then also participated on various percussion instruments in the live recording that is "Sweet Memories".   


Spectrum Trio self titled EP (2009)

Recorded at Madison Music Foundry | Recording Engineer: Paul Fanguy | Mixed by Fringe Character (Lion of Istan) | Mastered by Tom Blain| Produced by John Doing and Mike Truesdell

  • Mike Truesdell: Congas, synthesizer and piano, cajón, timbales, repinique, batá, whistle, vocals
  • Dane Crozier: Congas, piano, cowbells, drumset, batá, vocals
  • John Doing: Drumset, synthesizers, guiro, sistrum, onkonkolo, vocals

Spectrum Trio is three dudes who learned way too much about traditional Afro-diasporic music in college and needed an outlet.  We mixed it up with Jazz and funk and added our own interpretations, but most of the music adheres strictly to the styles we learned, from bembé, to batá, to songo and beyond..  

"Excellent drumset work..." Percussive Notes Magazine

"Thanks to a well-informed grasp of influences that span from West Africa to Brazil, Spectrum Trio's one of the most inventive and resourceful local albums to come out in recent years"   A/V Club, Madison, WI

Listen in Studio Clips


Actual Quintet self titled EP (2008)

Recorded at Madison Music Foundry | Recording Engineer Paul Fanguy

  • Anthony Bauer (sax)
  • Richard Hildner (guitar)
  • Olivia Musat (piano)
  • Kevin Knapp (bass)
  • John Doing (drumset)

This was my first album as a bandleader and what a long way we have all come!  We played Weather Report, Victor Wooten, Yellowjackets, Joshua Redman, Matthew Garrison, and all sorts of really hip jazzy things - I for one had no idea what I was doing but I learned a ton!  The EP is all original music with great compositions by Tony Bauer, Olivia Musat, Kevin Knapp, and yours truly.  I may post a gem in Studio Clips when I get a moment.. 

Michael Udow - "Footprints" (Equilibrium, 2007)

Recorded in Mills Concert Hall at the University of Wisconsin

This was my first published recording experience..  The University of Wisconsin Percussion Ensemble was one of many ensembles recorded on this release, which includes many of Michael Udow's genius works for percussion.  We played a piece called "Toyama" - each player chooses an assortment of sounds and choose which sounds to use based loosely on the music notation.. lots of fun!