Spectrum Trio self titled EP (2009)

Recorded at Madison Music Foundry | Recording Engineer: Paul Fanguy | Mixed by Fringe Character (Lion of Istan) | Mastered by Tom Blain| Produced by John Doing and Mike Truesdell

  • Mike Truesdell: Congas, synthesizer and piano, cajón, timbales, repinique, batá, whistle, vocals
  • Dane Crozier: Congas, piano, cowbells, drumset, batá, vocals
  • John Doing: Drumset, synthesizers, guiro, sistrum, onkonkolo, vocals

Spectrum Trio is three dudes who learned way too much about traditional Afro-diasporic music in college and needed an outlet.  We mixed it up with Jazz and funk and added our own interpretations, but most of the music adheres strictly to the styles we learned, from bembé, to batá, to songo and beyond..  

"Excellent drumset work..." Percussive Notes Magazine

"Thanks to a well-informed grasp of influences that span from West Africa to Brazil, Spectrum Trio's one of the most inventive and resourceful local albums to come out in recent years"   A/V Club, Madison, WI

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