Mandjou Mara - "Kikeh Mato" (2011)

Recorded at Blast House Studios in Madison, WI | Recording Engineer: Landon Arkens Produced by John Doing and Maya Kadakia | Album Art by Matt Manske

  • Mandjou Mara (voice, djembe)
  • Richard Hildner (guitar)
  • Ben Hoffmann (piano)
  • Matt Rogers (bass)
  • John Doing (drumset, shekere

Mandjou moved to Madison from Guinea, West Africa around 2008.  I had been studying djembe so I helped him get plugged into the scene, accompanying dance classes at the University and putting together a band to play his music.  We had no idea we were in for such a cool and funky experience - we learned the first batch of tunes from wonky cassette tapes from Africa, and then Mandjou just dictated tune after tune in rehearsal, all from his head..  You can listen in Studio Clips