Alberto el Mamífero - "Flamenco in New York" (2012)

Recorded at Catfish Studios, New York, NY | Recording Engineer: Grant Fisher | Cover Art by John Doing

I met Albert in 2011 when he was a Couchsurfer at my house (  He taught me Bulerias, Tangos, and many other Flamenco styles.  We played a lot in parks as we tried to get Albert into the NYC music scene.  He now plays several nights/week and is totally making it in the city on gigs and teaching!  Go Albert!  We have since released a second CD.  This first release includes some fun percussion overdubs..

  • Albert Alabedra (guitar)
  • Bob DiGiacomo (bass)
  • Laura Andrea Leguía (sax)
  • John Doing (cajon, shakers, shekere, bongó madera, y palmas)