Albert Alabedra & Alba Marba - "Barcelona-New York" (2013)

Recorded The Honablue Institute | Engineers: Omari Edwards, Robert Honablue | Produced by Bob DiGiacomo | Arrangements by John Doing

  • Albert Alabedra (guitar)
  • Alba Marba (voice)
  • Melissa Aldana (sax)
  • Bob Digiacomo (bass)
  • Marta Sanchez (piano)
  • Xianix Barrera (palmas) 

The second release of Albert Alabedra in the US!  This session was great for me because I have been developing my hybrid drumset setup to use with this Flamenco band.  I have a kick, snare, hi-hat, ride, 2 djembes, a table of toys, and of course the cajón.  We recorded this as an instrumental album and sent it to Spain to see if we could get a few vocals on it..  Three days later, Alba had composed and recorded vocals for all four songs and we were on our way to finishing this great recording!