Live Clips

Backbeat Improvisation

Here's an improvisation from the other night, Feb 24th 2014 at the Bees Hive Gallery on Classon Ave in Brooklyn NY.  We talked with the bar owner for over an hour.  He told us a lot about the neighborhood that we did not know.   Featuring Ben Hoffmann on piano and Marty Eisenberg on bass.

Lando Tap

I played every week for the better part of a year with Antonio Vilchez, a percussionist and tap dancer from Lima, Peru.  We did a tour together in Peru and I got to continue to learn lots of great things about the cajón and where it comes from.

Spectrum Trio at Juilliard

In 2011 Spectrum Trio performed and gave a masterclass at the Juilliard percussion seminar.   Among many other pieces, we played my composition - De La Costa Del Peru.  Here is a video of the audience and the back of our heads (and you gotta turn up the volume a little bit too).

Trio del Palo - Actual Proof (Herbie Hancock)

Here's our rendition of Actual Proof recorded at Tutuma Social club some time in 2010.  Check around 5:30 for short cowbell solo..  Lex's bassline is unbelievable.. I think we came up with this arrangement at Grant's basement at the Albert in the West Village.  I started about halfway through because attention spans are short these days..  We have a few other tunes up on YouTube as well