Chilcano - Moche

This piece was one of our hits in Chilcano.  We performed this jam in Peru - in Lima and Cuzco.  Then we went to Macchu Pichu!  The beat is a slow Marinera Zamacueca.  Tono Vilchez would do his Lando Tap routine to this track (see Lando Tap video).  I originally composed this tune in 2008 and played it with a band in Madison, WI.  The intro is taken from the original bass intro played by Kevin Knapp.


Lando Tap

I played every week for the better part of a year with Antonio Vilchez, a percussionist and tap dancer from Lima, Peru.  We did a tour together in Peru and I got to continue to learn lots of great things about the cajón and where it comes from.

Trio del Palo - Actual Proof (Herbie Hancock)

Here's our rendition of Actual Proof recorded at Tutuma Social club some time in 2010.  Check around 5:30 for short cowbell solo..  Lex's bassline is unbelievable.. I think we came up with this arrangement at Grant's basement at the Albert in the West Village.  I started about halfway through because attention spans are short these days..  We have a few other tunes up on YouTube as well